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Triple Station


Kids zone system working stations combine Esthetic, Practicality and Functionality.

The working station is the main tool to promote the kids zone system in the saloon.
The working stations provide a unique style
of high quality and are wood made.
From a technical point of view, the working
stations are designed to be practical for both
the hairdresser and the client.

There are two shelves one is for the client’s use of magazines or tablet, and the other one is for the hairdresser’s working tools such as hair dryer, hairbrushes, scissors etc. On the side, there are some retractable shelves of which the hairdresser can locate hairbrushes, gel, hair spray, mousse and everything in need, without having to move from the working station. From an aesthetic point of view, the corner and mini corner’s colours are neutral, specifically studied to compliment all salon styles. Available wood and light gray colours.

This working station is designed to allow socializing among children. This working station is suitable for saloons above 80 square meters (above 861 ft2). 

Available in colors:

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